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Stay Informed to Avoid Fees


Account fees as of April 2019

The following is our schedule of fees* for banking services. These are for elective services and may be assessed against your account should you use these services.
Fee Schedule Fee
Account closed within 90 days $25
Account research/reconciliation (per hour) $30
Debit card & ATM fees 
     Heritage Bank ATM fee
     ATM transaction fee (non-Heritage Bank ATM**)
     Debit card cash advance fee
     Foreign exchange fee***
No charge
Up to 1% of transaction amount in US Dollars
ATM/debit card replacement $10
Bank check $7
Check cashing (non-customer)
     On us
No charge
Collection item - outgoing/incoming $25
Copy of cancelled check (first 5 free) $2.50
Counter checks (first sheet of 4 free) (each) $1
Dormant account fee (monthly)
Excess withdrawal limit fee (each)
     More than 6 electronic, pre-authorized, telephonic, online or check
     withdrawals or transfers per month as outlined in your account agreement.
Foreign currency:
Foreign drafts $12
Garnishment/levies $100
Health Savings Account setup fee $10
IRA transfer or closure
Notary fee (non-customer) $10
Paper statement fee (monthly)**** $3
Paper statement with check images (monthly)**** $5
Purchase rolled coin (each) $.05
Purchase currency (per $100) $.05
Returned deposited item $12
Special statement cutoff or duplicate $4
Stop payment $34
Undeliverable mail fee $5
Wire transfer
     Domestic:     Outgoing
     Foreign:        Outgoing 
Insufficient Funds/Overdraft Fee
Insufficient funds/overdraft (each)*****    
Daily overdraft fee****** $5
Overdraft protection transfer fee (per business day)******* $5
Safe Deposit Box Fee
2 x 5 (includes 1.5 x 5) $25
3 x 5 (includes 2.75 x 5.5; 3.5 x 5) $35
5 x 5 (includes 4 x 5; 4.5 x 5.5; 5.5 x 5.5) $45
3 x 10 $60
4 x 10 $70
5 x 10 (includes 11.5 x 5.5) $80
6 x 10 $90
9 x 10 (includes 5 x 15) $110
10 x 10 $110
Safe deposit box key (lost) $5
Safe deposit box lock drill & replacement Actual cost
*Fees may vary, depending upon your type of account.
**Heritage Bank ATM includes transactions at MoneyPass ATM network ATMs.
***Visa charges an International Service Assessment (ISA) fee up to 1% of the total transaction to purchase goods or services in a foreign currency or in US Dollars with a foreign merchant (a "Foreign Transaction"). Foreign Transactions include internet transactions made in the US but with a merchant who processes the transaction in a foreign country. This is not a Heritage Bank fee.
****Not applicable to all accounts; consult your Truth in Savings disclosure.
*****There is a limit of 6 NSF/overdraft fees per day. Overdrafts may be created by checks issued by you in person, ATM, ACH or other electronic withdrawals authorized by you, or published fees or charges for bank products and services.
******Will be assessed beginning on the 4th consecutive business day your account remains overdrawn, maximum of 15 consecutive business days.
*******Pre-authorized transfer from Checking, Savings and/or Money Market to cover overdrafts.