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Differences Make Us Stronger

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We help Our Customers Build Their Dreams in Their Own Communities

Who we serve

Heritage Bank serves customers like you. Your neighbors. The couple who owns the storefront across town. The customers we serve bring their unique heritage—and unique needs—to our bank.

To help our customers achieve their goals, we offer a complete array of banking services and tools for businesses as well as individuals. Our focus is on our communities: helping customers who have—or will build—their heritage in our local markets.

Our history

Heritage Bank was founded in 1927 with the belief that when banks and neighbors work together, great communities grow stronger.

Heritage has remained true to this vision—and close to our roots—offering financial solutions that put our customers and local businesses first. Perhaps that's why our company has grown from a single location to a robust network of branches throughout the Pacific Northwest. Along the way, we've joined forces with Whidbey Island Bank to further our goals of local service, community building and strength.

Today, more than 90 years later, Heritage stands for more than a community bank. We are a community of banks, working together to serve the unique needs of each and every customer.

Our mission

We are committed to being the leading commercial community bank in the Pacific Northwest by continuously improving:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee Empowerment
  • Community Investment
  • Shareholder Value

Why choose Heritage?

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Right near you

Heritage Bank is headquartered in Olympia and offers full-service branches from Portland, Oregon, to Bellingham, Washington and in the Yakima Valley. On Whidbey Island, we operate under the name Whidbey Island Bank a division of Heritage Bank.

Here to meet your needs

Our company is defined by the combined heritage of our people. We leverage the best practices, most innovative systems and savviest, brightest ideas from all branches to better serve customers everywhere.

Community engagement

Acting locally not only enriches the quality of life for our employees; it can have a tremendous impact on our customers and communities. With 90 years of stability and service, we know the importance of a lasting commitment.

Heritage Bank is a subsidiary of Heritage Financial Corporation.

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