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A community is only as strong as the individuals who shape it.

A person whisking batter in a silver bowl over a table that has eggs, pastries, and a frosting bag and tips all sitting on it

See how our customers are making things happen, with a little help from us.

Meet our customer

Dan Ollis, Whidbey Coffee

Dan Ollis grew his business from a single espresso cart into a regional brand by understanding what makes his customers tick. So when it came time to take Whidbey Coffee to the next level, he sought a banking partner who knows what makes him tick.

Banker: Doug Christianson
Solution: Commercial Loans-Construction
Business outlook: Caffeinated
Meet our customer

Bernie Garcia, Moctezuma's

Restaurateur and world traveler Bernie Garcia believes the recipe to Moctezuma's success (aside from great food) is a commitment to authenticity and great customer service-qualities he also appreciates in his banking team.

Banker: Jace Dwinell
  • SBA Loan-Tenant Improvement/Expansion
  • Business Analysis Checking
Business outlook: Calienté
Meet our customer

Dr. Brenda Kodama, Cascade Eye and Skin Centers

A successful dermatology practitioner for more than 30 years, Dr. Brenda Kodama is also a master gardener, pug lover and so much more. She brings her unique heritage to every situation, something her banking team not only appreciates-but truly understands.

Banker: Carol Smith
  • Business Analysis Checking and Business Sweep Account
  • Merchant Services
Business outlook: Glowing
Business customer, Matt Smith of Trident Marine, standing in the ocean with a guitar hanging around his shoulder and his arm around his son
Meet our customer

Matt Smith, Trident Marine

It takes skill, bivalve savvy and ample patience to be a geoduck farmer. Matt Smith's superhuman patience also shines as a mentor and enthusiastic dad. Matt's defined by his differences-qualities his Heritage team puts to work for him every day.

Banker: Donna Moir
  • Line of Credit
  • Small Business Checking
Business Outlook: Bountiful
Business customer, Matt Eddie of Eddie Farms, wearing a red Eddie Farms sweatshirt with his hands in his pockets standing behind his office desk
Meet our customer

Matt Eddie, Eddie Farms

Matt Eddie is a state basketball champion, outdoorsman and third-generation farmer who understands the value of teamwork. So as he tends to his crops and raises his "fourth-generation farmer," he appreciates a banking partner who understands him—and has his back.

Banker: Bruce Lyman
  • Agricultural Loans
  • Equipment Financing
  • Business Analysis Checking
  • Cash Management Solutions
Business outlook: Fruitful