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Fund a rainy day, retirement or anything in between.

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Savings to suit your financial goals.

Savings Accounts
The product that offers you the ultimate flexibility, and enjoy competitive interest rates.

Money Market
A choice savings account if you keep higher balances and want an option for writing checks.

Certificates of Deposit (CDs)
Park your money for a term, and earn higher interest rates than you would with a savings account.

Increase your retirement fund with this easy, low-risk option.


Compare Savings Accounts


Our basic savings account, offering value and convenience


Rewards you with higher rates as your balance grows


Rewards you with higher rates as your balance grows

Minimum opening deposit $100 $100 $1000
Unlimited ATM withdrawals Yes Yes Yes
Monthly maintenance fee $3 $10 $10
Minimum balance to avoid fee $300 $2,500 $1,000
Preferred tiered interest rate No Yes Yes
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Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

If you want your cash to grow faster with very little risk, a CD is a smart option. CDs are timed deposits, meaning you agree to park your money for a predetermined period of time, or term. In general, the longer the term of investment, the higher your returns will be.

Ideal for customers who want to save at a higher interest rate for a set period of time


Best for customers who want to earn at a higher interest rate and qualify for the minimum opening balance requirement

Minimum opening balance $2,500 $100,000
Term 3 months-5 years* 7-365 days
Competitive interest rates Yes Yes
Type of interest rate Compounded daily, posted quarterly Simple interest, paid at maturity

*Term length varies by product.

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Other CD Options

Round out your retirement portfolio with an IRA CD, offered in 1-5 year terms with flexible options for additions.

We also offer a number of other solutions to help you strategize and save for retirement, such as Traditional and Roth IRAs, Individual 401(k)s and more.

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