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Making a business purchase has never been easier.

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Save time and money with our business debit card.

Nationwide Surcharge-free ATM Network
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Online Banking and Bill Pay
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Mobile Banking with Remote Deposit
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24-hour telephone banking
(888) 505-9150

24/7 Lost or stolen card reporting
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Standard overdraft coverage
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Mobile payment options.

Digital payment solutions are here. We are pleased to offer you the cashless and cardless digital payment products you have been waiting for. Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay® and Android Pay® are available from Heritage Bank. Leave your wallet at home and pay with your mobile device.
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Deposit checks from the convenience of your office.

Eliminate a trip to the bank with our Business Mobile App - deposit checks with the snap of a photo.
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Services to help you save, track and manage your money.

Overdraft Coverage
Overdraft Coverage allows a checking account to be overdrawn to pay for items when funds are insufficient. Limits and fees apply.

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Control debit card usage and spending on the go with the app that lets you turn your debit card on and off, create transaction limits and more.

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CardValet quick tips (PDF)
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Instant Issue
Visit any branch to get a debit card today. Faster and more secure than mail delivery.

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