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Build your practice with our experts in veterinary financing.

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You focus on the health of your patients. We'll focus on the health of your finances.

Whether you are a general veterinarian or a specialist, we have the experience in financing acquisition, expansion, construction, commercial real estate, refinance, equipment working capital, and U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

We have options to help your business succeed.

Choose an option below to learn more about our different loan types.

New Practice Financing (Start-up)

  • Up to 100% financing to get you started; including architectural and design fees, renovations and construction; including tenant improvements; equipment, even cabinetry and other related expenses.
  • Working capital line of credit.
  • Competitive terms.

Build a network of trusted advisers. It is important to align yourself with industry-specific advisers who will help you with many important decisions. Trusted advisors should include:

  • A veterinary-specific banker. Align yourself with a banker that understands the nuances of your industry. One that is familiar with the true cost of a start-up practice including the soft costs, tenant improvements, and working capital.
    There is true value in a banker who can guide you through all phases of your practice’s financing needs. We recommend that you work with a specialized banker.
    Seek out a banker with local decision makers that understand the local market.
  • A specialized CPA. Just as you would consider referring difficult or complex procedures to a specialist; a specialized Certified Public Accountant is highly recommended. We encourage your to have a conversation with a CPA who works with at least 25 dental clients.
  • A veterinary equipment specialist. Access to knowledgeable equipment specialists is invaluable. A specialist with knowledge on all equipment including but not limited to the latest technology will serve you well! Pause and look to the true return on investment when making your decision. Consider the true cost of acquisition/financing.
  • Veterinary-specific building contractors. A general contractor that is not experienced in building out dental practices can lead to cost overruns, delays, and frustration. There are many dental-specific contractors in your area. Your equipment specialist or banker can provide some direction here.

Practice sales and purchases

  • Customized loan amounts that provide up to 100% financing plus additional working capital.
  • Interest-only payments available while you adjust to ownership.
  • Competitive terms to keep payments low and affordable.
  • Fixed-rate terms to meet your specific needs.
  • The ultimate in flexibility and control with principal reduction and early payoff options.
  • Purchase and real estate combination loans that simplify your financial life.
  • Local decision making with short approval times.

Purchase or refinance a building

We offer a complete compliment of real estate loan products including mortgages, refinancing, and more. We can also combine practice purchase and commercial real estate acquisition financing.
All of our financing solutions are customizable to your needs:

  • Conventional loans with easy applications.
  • Local decision making with short approval times.
  • Low payments with minimal cash outlays.
  • Competitive terms to keep payments low and affordable; Interest-only payments available while you adjust to ownership.
  • Small Business Administration (SBA Advantage/SBA Evergreen). As a preferred SBA lender we can explore the many benefits of SBA supported financing.

Improvement, expansion and relocation

  • Up to 100% financing.
  • Interest-only payments.
  • Flexible payment terms during the draw period.
  • Competitive terms to keep payments low and affordable.
  • Local decision making with short approval times.

Your equipment provider will likely offer financing and lease terms; before you commit, check with us! We have highly competitive financing options available when it’s time to purchase new or replace equipment.

  • Up to 100% financing.
  • Local decision making with short approval times.
  • Competitive terms to keep payments low and affordable.

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