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Set Budgets, Track Spending & Manage Money

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Money Management

A free financial management tool designed with you and your busy life in mind. Visualize your finances with interactive charts, graphs and lists. Or set alerts so you're always in the know. Money Management can help you plan, save, analyze and prepare for your financial future on any device at any time.
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Enjoy having your account data from most financial institutions all in one place. Customize for easy identification. Quickly view balances at home or on the go.

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View aggregate account transactions. Filter views and search by keyword or amount. Export data for tax or filing purposes.

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Create, customize and monitor spending categories. Change dates and filter by categories or transactions.

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Easily track progress on a monthly basis. Categories start green, turn yellow as budget dollars are spent, then turn red when budgets are reached or overspent.

Pie chart sectioned into different shades of gray

View spending and income over time by category. Filter views and change date ranges.

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Manage a debt plan using aggregated accounts. Project payoff dates and prioritize payment schedules based on your needs.

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Net Worth
Visualize your net worth over time using custom date ranges. See how changes to certain transactions or categories affect the outcome.

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Set, customize and manage goals on a timeline. Link goals to accounts or categories. Change goals at any time.

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Cash Flow
Identify recurring transactions to show trends clearly. See the impact of these trends to help plan for future expenses.



Receive text and/or email messages based on your preferences. Each alert can be set by account or by alert type.

Available alerts include:

  • Exceeded Budgets
  • Large Expense/Withdrawal
  • Debt Payment Reminder
  • Low Account Balance
  • Large Deposit
  • Fee Charged


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